Mozzarella Block



A creamy, consistent block of 100% cow’s milk mozzarella. Low Dry Matter and low Fat. Fresh mild taste. Meaty and firm. Easy to shred and versatile in usage.


Good stretch, perfect colouring and blistering.

Operational benefits

Convenient shred format that delivers consistent performance. Easy to shred by hand or industrial shredders.
Recipe dry matter 50%
fat on dry matter 38%
Allergens Milk

Pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, microbial rennet, lactic acid starter cultures

Dietary Ovo-lacto vegetarian; Halal
Certification IFS; ACS
Nutritional values
per 100g
energy 280.0kcal / 1,165.0KJ
fat 20.0g
saturated fats 13.3g
carbohydrates 0.0g
sugar 0.0g
proteins 25.0g
salt 1.4g
Weight 9.6kg
Shelflife <4°C

max 6 months

-18°C max 18 months
Packaging primary Blue Foil
secondary 2 blocks per cardboard box
Storage chilled <4°C
frozen -18°C
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