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Research and innovation

Over the years, Milcobel has built up an exceptional expertise and knowledge on mozzarella, both fresh and frozen. As one of the world’s leading mozzarella providers for the professional market, Milcobel products are known for its outstanding quality, taste and stretch. We conduct research and innovation with a passion for you and your customers.

Measuring Firmness

Quality first

Whereas Mozzarella is traditionally used for pizzas, due to its export to various regions around the world, its use has become much more versatile. From cheese croquettes to fish balls with mozzarella cheese and its use on spicy Asian dishes, Milcobel aims to make sure your product has the right taste, the best quality, and a good stretch.


Research Cooperations

We not only have our own in-house R&D expert team, we also have multiple longstanding cooperations with research institutes and universities across Europe. Early 2020, Milcobel launched the Chair for Dairy Research at the University of Ghent, Belgium, to conduct fundamental research on dairy proteins and gain insight on milk protein functionality, with a specific focus on mozzarella.

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